Master of Arts, Information and Learning Technologies
(Specialization is Adult Learning and Instructional Design)
University of Colorado Denver

The following projects were developed for my advanced degree in Information and Learning Technologies at the University of Colorado Denver. They are listed in reverse chronological order.

One-Minute Microlearnings

College in 2025 Comic

Putting On Your Skis in 3 Steps iTunes U mLearning

Home to Manipulate Pitch in Audacity... Video Tutorial

The Mitchell Woll Podcast - Seeing Red

The Flipped Classroom in 30 Seconds

Scavenger Hunt Screencast

How to Use Camtasia Canvas Course *Canvas username and password required

eInvoicing Web Portal Video Tutorials (Link to Videos)

"Superheroes, Assemble" Discussion

Dot's Dilemma: How to Engage the Brain for Online Synchronous Learning

Action Research Report: Evaluating Online Graduate Students' Interpretation and Selection of Twitter Profile Pictures

Action Research Blog

Digital Storytelling Portfolio

Digital Storytelling Blog

TBG Instructional Design Tip, Trends & Issues Blog

Games and Learning Portfolio

Skyrim Forums, An Affinity Space Video

Games and Learning Play Journal

Gamification Coursera Capstone: Gamify ShareAll

Designer Statement (2014)

Pecha Kucha - Pursuit of Happiness: An Introduction Video Design Document

Pecha Kucha - Pursuit of Happiness: An Introduction Video

Adopter Segments Self-Paced Module Design Document

Adopter Segments Self-Paced Module - (Temporarily Unavailable)

What the *bleep* is Gamification Inforgraphic Design Document

What the *bleep* is Gamification Inforgraphic

"We Choose to go to the Moon..." Speech Video Design Document

"We Choose to go to the Moon..." Speech Video

Social Media and Digital Cultures Blog

SEO Plan

Book Club Learning Network Design Plan

Google Groups Proof of Concept (Screencast)

Book Club Learning Network Implementation Plan

Trends Project

Change Report

Change Proposal

Emergence Project