About Me

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.
— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Today’s job market is becoming increasingly problematic to maneuver. Globalization and automation are making certain jobs irrelevant. Growing student debt and high tuition rates are interfering with education and professional development. Meanwhile, many of the important jobs 10 years from now do not even exist yet! How do we prepare for and adapt to the rapidly-changing technological and digital world?

My goal as an instructional designer and learning technologies expert is to help people become more skilled at their current jobs, while developing new skills for the future. Doing so comes in many methods and requires many techniques. I task myself with knowing how to best use these methodologies and techniques in new, engaging, and influential ways.

Currently, I work as an Instructional Designer for GHX, helping develop eLearning to compliment the implementation of healthcare supply chain software. My current modus operandi is using scenario-based learning to create tutorials and simulations in online training modules and videos. The modules and videos are segmented by software tasks and best practices. Some of these modules include formative assessments to track users' performance and progress, as well as summative assessments to certify users' proficiencies. But, as the Education Team evaluates current training materials, we are considering new types learning experiences (such as microlearning solutions).

I graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a Masters of Arts degree in Information and Learning Technologies, specializing in Adult Learning and Instructional Design. In my program, I developed many projects ranging from implementation, change management, inquiry and data collection, design rationale, and iterative development of eLearning.

I maintain and engage in an online personal learning network (PLN) using Twitter. My PLN consists of co-workers, classmates, professors, and industry peers and professionals. I use this network to stay in touch with learning trends, and participate in learning technologies discourse.

Outside of work and school, I love to ski, play hockey, home-brew, read fantasy and sci-fi, and enjoy time with my friends and family. I live and work in Denver, Colorado.